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Supermarket for realtors

International real estate selection service for realtors of the digital age comfortable | quickly

Realtors receive your direct contacts

Work with realtors around the world, from anywhere in the world
Get connections, ideas and new simple solutions with our real estate platform

Someone will definitely choose your project

Service for quick selection of objects for effective work with clients
Reduction of time for routine operations by 3 times


Detailed descriptions of projects (external and internal infrastructure, photos and videos of objects) - no need to store data.


Direct contacts of developers, open information for a realtor.

Financing made easy

Financial settlements only between you. We do not take commission.

Wide range of properties

Quick selection of real estate. Sending an offer to a client one click.


There are real estate portals, social media chats, closed bases, CRM systems and agency websites targeted at local realtors and direct buyers. Ads on social media and from agencies often have low levels of credibility and are not relevant.


We create a communication system for realtors and construction companies, which will provide a direct dialogue between the agent and developer. Any agent will be able to select an object for client and contact the construction company, in any country.


IberRest acts as an information system for direct data about construction companies and their facilities, which ensures direct interaction between developer and agent in any country.

Such the package allows developers to host their objects for free, significantly reduce the cost of promotion, and for the Agent work with system data and use convenient tools for operational work with clients, all information is always at hand.


  • Database of international real estate
  • Selection of objects for buyers
  • Chat between participants within the system
  • CRM system for realtors and developers in the service
  • Training programs for real estate agents
  • Affiliate cabinet, referral programs
  • Real estate information portal for agents by country
  • Contracts, settlements and registration



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Invitations of new partners.

For attracting new participants, a referral reward is provided in the amount of 5% of the amount of purchase of tokens.

The referral link is formed in the Partners personal account after the purchase of tokens.

The history of invitations and accruals is also reflected.


One of the key benefits is scalability.

Within 5 years, the project will include more than 6,000 of the most interesting residential projects from 30 of the most popular countries and will attract more than 16,000 real estate agents. We create a set of useful paid tools for the work of agents and real estate promotion. The token is sold to users to receive an additional discount when paying for access to the IBERREST service. The number of tokens is finite.

The demand for the token and the price of the token will grow in proportion to the growth of users.


In a presentation on the project website (https://iberrest.com/token)

Discount up to 6 months. and for an amount not exceeding USDT 2.7 million at par. No discount - up to 1 year.

Token holders receive significant discounts for using the service, are the first to know about exclusive products and services of the service, and also have early access to closed profitable price offers from construction companies.

The number of issued tokens is finite. The company does not create conditions for the speculative growth of tokens, but does not prevent it either. The platform development plan allows you to make an optimistic forecast of the number of active users, incl. token buyers.
An additional emission of tokens is possible only when the tokens in free circulation exceed five times the face value.

By the time the tokens are released, they will be frozen on the p2p token exchange site for USDT.

Presented on the website page.

The purchase of tokens by users of the system allows you to get a discount with a yield of 50 - 119% per annum from the amount of funds spent on the purchase of tokens.

Dmitry Burimenko, founder of Iber Group and IberRest, business analyst. https://iber.group/iber-group-team/ / Batluk Roman state administration, entrepreneur 10 years, crypto enthusiast 5 years / Andrey Belts, Ph.D. Economics, Banking (24 years)|IT (12 years) | Fintech (5 years)| Blockchain (7 years)| Operations management / Marcel Gelezetdinov: Marketing consulting (8 years) | Sales Management (15 years) | Internet Marketing (5 years) | Fintech (3 years) | E-commerce (7 years) consulting (10 years) /

The project model is globalized and absolutely scalable.

The uniqueness of the project is in the direct dialogue between the developer and realtor from any country, the opportunity for realtors to close customer applications faster and better, and for construction companies to offer their projects to buyers from other countries.

41% Marketing 22% Development 37% Territorial expansion and database filling

Wallet deposit.

In your personal account, you can select a certain number of tokens and pay for them by transferring USDT to an individual wallet number.

Yes, if the tokens are still on sale.

Yes, 5% of the value of the tokens. The referral link is in your account.

Session data is stored in encrypted cookies ("stamps"). And only your server can decode session data. There are no session IDs, which makes iron sessions "stateless" from the server"s point of view. This session data storage strategy is the same technique used by frameworks like Ruby on Rails (their default strategy).

IBERREST plans to become an international real estate expert in the field of marketing and analytics, a marketing partner for developers when launching new residential projects, and for realtors to become an indispensable working tool for selecting properties and dialogue with developers.

IBER tokens are club access tokens to a closed information system, for access to which the user is identified by e-mail and crypto wallet.

Anyone can buy tokens, which allows you to use the platform at a discount, as well as earn on the referral program.

Any user who has paid for a subscription can use the IBERREST service. There are no special checks for agents.

IBERREST cannot be a participant in the transaction and currently acts only as an information platform for placing projects from developers and a realtor"s tool for selecting objects. At the moment, for its part, the service can only recommend reliable partners in the right place - lawyers, notaries, etc. Next, the transaction processing technology will be introduced.

After registering in the system and purchasing tokens from each Partner, a referral program with conditions and a unique link is automatically opened in his personal account.

Tariffication of accesses is placed in the personal account of each registered realtor. The amount depends on the length of the subscription period. From $2.72 per day (annualized). For a construction company, adding objects is free.

In terms of development for the next 5 years - 30 countries with the most popular and sought-after real estate.

The offer to place their residential projects on the platform will be received by the most reliable developers in each location.

The platform plans to enable realtors to make transactions absolutely remotely in any country in the world.

Paid subscriptions of realtors and paid marketing promotion of residential projects on the platform. Additional service tools


Founded by the Iber.group team of experienced fintech entrepreneurs as well as business technology experts.
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